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The Green Machine

Kim was organizing boxes full of photos this weekend and came across a picture of me on my Green Machine during the summer of '78. A couple of weeks ago I took a picture of my son, Lincoln, on his Kett Car for comparison. The Green Machine was ahead of it's time. It was the ideal three wheeler if you liked to drift into traffic. The wheels were made of thin plastic and it didn't take long before … [Read more...]

Obvious Survivor tip #2

Learn to fish. Even if you're terrible in the challenges, those first few weeks means near starvation for most of your tribe. By providing even the ugliest, sand covered fish, you'll be seen as a saint. It takes a bit of luck to win the reward challenge where Jeff trots out the fishing gear. But if you have the gear and can catch fish you'll be safe for a while since nobody wants to go hungry. … [Read more...]

This Woman’s Work

I saw the movie, She's Having a Baby, back in the early 90's. It was released in 1988 but I was in Germany during that time and didn't know much about the movie until I picked it up off the rack full of VHS films a few years later. Most of the movie is a light comedy until the scene below. It had such an impact on me that I'd watch it over and over. The lyrics fit the scene perfectly and Kate … [Read more...]

Response insurance continues to amaze

I needed the windshield replaced on my Honda Odyssey and BMW 325i. Our car insurance his through Response Insurance. Here is a run-down of everything I had to do: Call claims number Answer 4 or 5 questions Next day, mobile installer replaces windshield That's it. No going back and forth. No taking the car in for inspection. I couldn't believe how fast and how efficient this company is. I'm … [Read more...]

First impressions

Ever been so stoked about a new gadget that you can hardly wait to try it out? That's been the case for me when I bought my Motorola Q and my first iPod. One would think companies would do everything they could to leave a good first impression. Some companies (Apple, Nordstrom, Starbucks) understand this. But most don't. I was reminded of this as I've been following Dave Winer's experience with … [Read more...]

What’s it’s going to take for more CEOs to blog?

One of my favorite blogs is written by Jonathan Schwartz who is the CEO of Sun. He talks about Sun's products, challenges, competitors, and a myriad of other topics. His writing style is down-to-earth and approachable. He describes his company's products in a manner that anyone can understand, yet he's not so "pie in the sky" detached that his words sound written by his PR firm. In short, he … [Read more...]

Amazon now selling mp3s!

Amazon is now selling over 2 million songs in mp3 format. No DRM! This is a great development for online music. Instead of using iTunes, hitting the torrents or newsgroups, I'll be far more likely to purchase my music here. Check out their top 100 albums for sales (most are $8.99) and you'll see they have a pretty good selection so far that's only going to get better. So why would I use iTunes if … [Read more...]

WordPress 2.3 database error

I updated my blog to Wordpress 2.3 last night and noticed this morning that visitors who posted comments were getting an error. Their comments were posting but included the following error: WordPress database error: [Table 'wordpress.wp_post2cat' doesn't exist It included some other strings as well but the database part was consistent. I looked around till I found this thread at the Wordpress … [Read more...]