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Go Fly a Kite

The sand squished through my toes as I walked across the beach at Ocean Park. The waves crashed against the shore in a violent show of force. Whenever I see natural power of this magnitude it makes me feel insignificant. Like I'm this small being watching a show put on by a higher power. I walked right up to where the waves thrust up the shore. The water is cold and the sand begs you to reach … [Read more...]

Tuned In Or Out

One of my jobs around the house is to empty the garbage. I also feed the dog and replace burned out lights. Occasionally I’m called on to kill a spider or open a jar of peanut butter. On the weekends I’ll mow the lawn if the stars align. But fatherhood has brought with it a number of smaller tasks that one can’t plan for. Some are simple such as replacing batteries in the Nintendo controller. … [Read more...]

If The Van’s A Rockin

I waited in the van with the kids tonight while Kim went inside the library to return books. And the second Kim closes the door, all hell breaks loose. Not with the kids, mind you, but with the only adult left in the car. I remove the CD from the player because if I hear “All the Single Ladies” one more time I may poke my ears out with a pool cue. “What should we listen to now?” The kids … [Read more...]

WordCamp Seattle

On September 26, I will be speaking at WordCamp Seattle. I’ll be speaking about how blogging has made me a better father which gives me just over a month to locate the child I lost at Target tonight. I can’t wait to learn from the other speakers, and I’m still a bit flattered they would ask me to speak. I’m not a pro-blogger nor am I an SEO expert. I’ve never written a book or even a … [Read more...]

When Parents Intervene

As my children grow up, I’m faced with more opportunities to intervene on their behalf.  My natural instinct tells me to pull back and let things play out naturally. For example, when Luca signed up to play soccer, we didn’t scout teams and setup an interview with the coach. We didn’t research how many of his former players made the high school or college soccer teams. Doesn’t matter to … [Read more...]

Picking Blueberries

Although the farm where we pick blueberries is only a few miles away, it feels like a world away. Even the drive is relaxing. Just off HWY 18 near Auburn, the two lane road weaves through old farm homes and fields bursting with various fruits and vegetables. We approach Canter Berry Farms and park in front of a large barn that was built in 1874. The grounds are dotted with all types of flowers. … [Read more...]

Goodbye Firefox, Hello Opera

For at least six years, I’ve been telling friends and family one of the smartest moves they can make is stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer. There’s just no reason to get caught using a shoddy and unstable browser. Microsoft basically allowed IE to languish once it reached 90% market share. But then Firefox came along earning a strong reputation on the backs of the digerati and taking market … [Read more...]

Bike Safety

I don’t remember how old I was when I learned to ride a bike. But I remember my neighbor pushing me across our front lawn. When I fell off, my Toughskins absorbed the grass stains. Eventually I got the hang of it, and pedaled around the neighborhood looking to take it off any sweet jumps. The only safety precaution I followed was not riding in the street. I had to wait a few more years before I … [Read more...]