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Dear Santa

The kids wrote letters to Santa tonight. When I commented to Luca how many items she came up with she said, “I underlined the really important stuff”. I’m sure Santa will appreciate that extra bit of flexibility. … [Read more...]

The Inflatable Mattress

The plan is hatched on a night the kids don’t have school the next day. Luca is the ringleader. She calls a huddle in the living room, and I know something is going down when I hear the whispers turn to giggles and finally someone says, “Anna, go ask dad!” Within a few seconds, Anna is gently tapping my shoulder while I sit at my computer. Of course, I don’t show any signs that I know she’s … [Read more...]

Trust Is All That Matters

I spent four months in Rock Springs, WY before moving to the Seattle area. During my time in Rock Springs, I rented a small apartment and didn’t have many friends outside of work. But over time I got to know a man who managed a small print and frame business. One afternoon he asked me to lunch. I was excited to finally make a friend. But when I showed up for lunch, he was dressed in a suit and … [Read more...]

Enjoying Every Minute

Have you ever found yourself in a situation and thought, “What am I doing here?” Going back nearly twenty years, I asked myself that question the day I woke up in Germany, and it finally hit me that it would be two years before I saw my family and friends. I stared at the ceiling as the sun crept through a small window. I didn’t want to move. Afraid of the unknown and not quite sure how I ended … [Read more...]

Walking My Bike In The Rain

When I was 20 years old, I was serving as a missionary for my church and living in Siegen, Germany. Siegen is not a tourist Mecca like Munich or Heidelberg. But it has its share of castles and is home to a university. One gets to know a city when traveling by foot or by bicycle, and my companion and I spent 10-12 hours a day traveling through town looking for people to teach. Honestly, we were … [Read more...]

The Queen Size Bed

On the way home from Chipotle tonight Lincoln dumped a 20 oz. soda on the floor of our Honda Odyssey. “Lincoln, why didn’t you hold your drink!?” “Hold ON TO IT next time!!” “What were you thinking??” He’d placed the cup in the small cup holder in his booster seat, and it came out as I turned a corner. The van was dark and I couldn’t see his face back in the third row. Did he hear me? Did he … [Read more...]

Looking Beyond the Grade

Kim and I went to school to meet with Luca’s teacher. She placed a manila folder on the table and walked us through the curriculum for third grade. This was our first time to meet with her since the first day of school. We listened as she went through each subject and explained to us how Luca was progressing and made suggestions such as books she may enjoy reading. She was organized and concise. … [Read more...]

Everyday Products

Every morning I stumble out of bed. Our boxer hears my steps and jumps off the couch begging me to let her outside which I do before heading downstairs to take a shower. And there, looking back at me, is the $3 shower curtain. It’s light brown. Or tan or maybe off-white. Whatever the color, it’s the UGLIEST shower curtain liner I’ve seen. I’m not sure what I was expecting from a three dollar … [Read more...]