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When Will Mom Be Home?

It wasn’t until Kim pulled out the driveway that I realized I’d left the stroller in the van. I thought about calling her, but she was excited to get to Seattle with Luca and Anna to watch the Nutcracker Ballet. Although I sent her off with the portable GPS, she gets nervous driving down the narrow downtown streets looking for a place to park. I didn’t want to detract from their night out. “When … [Read more...]

It Might Get Loud

It’s been a while since I’ve had a smile on my face through an entire film, but It Might Get Loud did that to me today. My brother told me about the film a few weeks ago and we both watched it this weekend. That kicked off a number of email exchanges detailing our favorite segments and concluded with a two hour phone conversation this evening. I can’t stop thinking about it. I can’t stop talking … [Read more...]

An Uncertain Year

This year can be summed up by a question my son asked me tonight as we sat on the couch together and watched the lights on our tree. “Dad, how come the lights at the top of the tree don’t work?” Normally, I’d crack a joke. But not today. I didn’t have an answer for why a third of the lights didn’t work. I suppose I could look for the dead bulb or the short in the cord. Maybe one entire strand … [Read more...]

Shark Tales

The story always starts with three guys who get themselves into a situation of imminent danger. Miraculously, a genie appears and grants each  a single wish. The first two wisely use their wish to get themselves to safety. But the third guy? Well, he’s not very smart. He foolishly uses his wish as a means of entertainment. I’m not sure why my kids like these stories so much. One night I … [Read more...]

My Favorite Group of 2009

One of my favorite iTunes features is the play count column. Occasionally I’ll sort my playlists using this column to see which songs I’ve listened to the most. Looking over the last year, the top of my most played list is dominated by Ivy who I found through Last.FM this year.   The first song I heard, "Edge of the Ocean”, is my favorite. It’s both mellow and upbeat, and it puts me … [Read more...]

The Voice of a 5-Year Old

I like to think that I do a good job of keeping my work at work. A 45-60 minute commute helps clear my mind before I arrive home. But occasionally work spills over into family life. That’s exactly what happened on Friday. What should have remained a minor misunderstanding turned into voices being raised. I had many opportunities to put an end to it. Instead I continued to fan the flames until … [Read more...]

Donut and Muffin Factory

Unless you know where to look, you’d never notice the Donut and Muffin Factory tucked between the Godfathers Pizza and Little Caesars. The first two years we lived in Auburn, I drove past this red bricked hole-in-the-wall on my way to the train station. In truth, to call it a hole-in-the-wall is being kind because it looks like a run-down laundry mat in a seedy section of town. Even pulling into … [Read more...]

Staring at the Ceiling

I turn 42 years old today. Don’t worry. I’m not looking to buy a Corvette, splurge on a Tommy Bahama wardrobe or hook up with an obscure Brazilian model.  If I were a professional baseball player, color commentary guys would mention my age before each bat as if every game could be my last. In many ways I’m not where I thought I would be at this point in my life. To say I’ve stumbled … [Read more...]