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Morning Person

Raindrops skipped across the window of the bus as I stared out. Each pothole the bus encountered scattered each droplet allowing me to see a little further. Until they begin to come back. Usually about a dozen at a time. Normally, I enter through the front door of the bus each morning with my white headphones hanging from my ears. This allows me to block out morning people who are ready to share … [Read more...]

A Splash of Red

The first time my father called tonight, I didn’t pick up the phone. Figured I’d catch him on messenger instead of be cut short by sketchy AT&T coverage. But I should have known when he called back a few minutes later. He calmly told me my grandmother passed away. Holding Luca in Bountiful, Utah Three such calls have come before. None have come as a surprise, but all of them … [Read more...]

Crossing Paths

This weekend I spent some time thumbing through old binders that hold journals I’ve kept over the years. The oldest binder is made of faded red construction paper. Many pages contain ink that’s bled through the page making it difficult to read. Although the writing is amateurish and not interesting to anyone but me, I treasure it because it’s the first journal I kept covering my years in high … [Read more...]

Guns & Ammo

I admire people who perform jobs I can’t imagine doing for any amount of money.  Like the guy I saw this week wearing a pepperoni pizza suit. There he stood on the curb outside of Papa Murphy’s waving to each passing car with a smile glued to his face. In between the waves, he was dancing and grooving like only a slice of pizza can. Then yesterday I saw a man holding a large red arrow … [Read more...]

The Home on Van Buren

I’ll never know a home like the one I grew up in. It’s not just the home where I spent the first twenty years of my life. It’s the place where, as a child, I explored every nook and cranny. I knew exactly how far the water hose stretched in order to drench my sisters while they played on the swing. I knew how to climb on the roof to retrieve balls that wouldn’t budge from the carport, and I knew … [Read more...]

The Real You

What brings out the real you? A better question to ask might be what situations hide the real you? I believe I’m just beginning to understand. For most of my life I’ve tried to be the person others expected me to be. I’m reminded of the time our baseball team voted on team captains for the coming year. My father was the coach of our team and was disappointed when I wasn’t voted to be … [Read more...]

The Rice Sock

“Dad, will you warm my rice sock?” That’s how the routine starts each evening. Luca climbs to the top bunk, locates the rice sock her mother  made and calls to me. My job is simple: heat the sock in the microwave for two minutes and return to Luca in exchange for a hug and kiss to the cheek. If I’m lucky, the hug lasts as long as the microwave timer. Luca could easily warm the sock on … [Read more...]

The Perfect Lawn

Seems like every neighborhood has one: The guy who spends way too much time making his front yard look all perfectly manicured. One of them lives two houses down. I see him working morning and night using tools I can’t describe let alone use. I don’t believe I could Photoshop a greener more perfect lawn. If a weed dares sprout after an evening shower, it’s gone by the time I pass his yard on my … [Read more...]