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Impromptu Piano Concert

“Will we get another dog when Elka dies?” Anna asked. “Probably” I answered. The kids have been worried about our boxer who turned 10 years old a few months ago. She’s slowed over the past couple of years. Her back legs become stiff, and she hobbles around the house trying to keep up with four young, active children. She used to chase them around the yard. Now, she sits next to the window and … [Read more...]

Playing It Safe

I was well into my teens before I began considering what I might do one day as a profession. Every idea was in play except teacher because I’d seen what my father had gone through. His work days were long and irregular which limited the amount of time he could spend with us. The pay didn’t seem match the amount of education it required. And I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy spending the bulk of my day … [Read more...]

Watch Me Play

Luca stood on the left side of the court while I stood on the right. We’d been hitting tennis balls off a large cement wall together for an hour. I mentioned I was tired, but would finish hitting the last few balls until they flew out of bounds. Luca wasn’t worn out and began to lobby for me to continuing playing. This past weekend is one of the few throughout the year we spend on the … [Read more...]

Calling RedBox Customer Service

Although we have DirecTV with dozens of movie channels and a subscription to Neftlix, I can’t walk by a Red Box kiosk without seeing what’s available.   I should be able to find a movie to rent or stream at Netflix, but digesting the massive selection feels like drinking from a fire hose. With so many options I become hyper selective and often end up watching “The Smartest Guys in the … [Read more...]

Running To Stand Still

“Don’t turn off the car”, I told my friend. I had to hear the song blasting through the radio. We’d just returned from the movie theater where we took in Batman. It was the summer of 1989 only  a few months before thousands of East Germans would climb a wall and into the history books. I sat in the passenger seat of my friend’s Chrysler Laser while Bono belted out a tune I’d never heard … [Read more...]

Skip the Social

I dislike large groups. “The more the merrier” doesn’t ring true. It’s not that I don’t like the people in large group. Many can be close friends or relatives.  But I don’t care for the social dynamics and structure that large groups dictate. Large groups are made up of smaller groups, and I nearly always find myself on the outside looking in at these smaller groups of people ripping Obama … [Read more...]

What Do You Do Well?

Earlier in my career I worked for a company that had, over a number of years, built a thriving service business. We took esoteric software and created demos that sales people used to sell their products. We kept the company lean and only hired when the client work exceeded our staff. We’d found our niche, and everyone we added to payroll had to contribute to our mission of creating killer demos. … [Read more...]

Late Night Snack

The clock on the stove said 11:33 pm. I pulled the Costco sized basket of strawberries from the fridge, and began to cut them into slices. I was rinsing and slicing as fast as I could go, but it didn’t feel like I was making much progress. That’s when I noticed Kai’s tiny hand grasping two strawberry slices from the bowl. Before I could say a word, he was making a beeline for the living room … [Read more...]