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Mad Men

Although I’d watched Seinfeld for a few years, it wasn’t until season four when I began to believe Jerry, Elaine and the gang were creating a show that would transcend the sitcom. I felt the same towards basketball watching Jordan drop 63 on the Celtics or the album on my first listen of Dark Side of the Moon. That’s how I feel watching Mad Men in its fourth season. The manner in which the … [Read more...]

How Raising Children Is Like Playing Racquetball

When I began playing racquetball about a year ago, I believed it was a game of power. Hit the ball as hard as I could off the front wall with little thought to placement or angle. My goal was to get my service in, track down the return and smack it off the front wall as hard as possible. Depending on my opponent, I could get by playing this style. It leads to a lot of running back and forth from … [Read more...]

One Night at Benaroya

I’m convinced that some of the most memorable experiences in life can’t be replicated. That was the case about 10 years ago when Kim told me Tracy Chapman was coming to Benaroya Hall in Seattle. At the time, I didn’t work too far from Benaroya, and I mistakenly assumed I could stop by the box office on the way to work to purchase two tickets the day the tickets went on sale. When that day … [Read more...]

First Assignment

The days leading up to the start of the new school year are as chaotic as the days leading up to Christmas. Each year seems to bring with it an ever expanding list of school supplies. Our three oldest children brought home their first assignment this week. It’s one they complete each year, and they look forward to it. The assignment is to fill out, color and add pictures to a poster-sized sheet … [Read more...]

Jordan’s Competiveness

Quote from Bill Simmon’s “Book of Basketball” on Michael Jordan: “He soaked teammates in poker on team flights so brutally that coaches warned rookies to stay away. He once lost to teammate Rod Higgins in Ping-Pong, bought a table and became the best player on the team. He dunked on Utah's John Stockton once, heard Utah owner Larry Miller scream, "Why don't you pick on someone your own … [Read more...]

George Winston at the Rialto Theater

We sat in the first three seats of row G on the left side of the Rialto Theater because anyone who’s seen George Winston in concert knows that provides the best angle from which to see his fingers dance across the keys of the Steinway grand. Kim and I decided to invite Luca along. This would be her first concert and, although she’s taken piano lessons for a couple of years, I wasn’t sure he’d … [Read more...]

Shopping For A Shower Curtain

After staring at the various colors, patterns and fabrics for nearly twenty minutes, I had to admit that I do not posses the skills or fashion sense to purchase a shower curtain. My old brown shower curtain had begun to turn light brown. So I went shopping for a new one not fully understanding what I was getting myself into. I located the shower curtain aisle at Fred Meyer and began looking … [Read more...]

The End of Summer

Our boxer looked at me and then at the couch. And then back at me. With a kid on each side, I sat on the crease between cushions and watched a strange episode of Amazing Stories. There was no room, so she whined, did a circle and sat at my legs on the floor. We’d spent the day together shopping for the last few items for school, while everyone took turns keeping Kai from shoplifting. Most nights … [Read more...]