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You Write A Blog?

I met someone I knew from high school a few week ago. We shared experiences that have taken place over the 20+ years since we last spoke along with the usual, “Have you kept in contact with so and so?” questions. We talked for a few more minutes. She showed me a picture of her family. I had left my iPhone, that contained a number of pictures, back at the office. So I said, “I have a few pictures … [Read more...]

My Nikon D-40 Is Dead

Well, it’s not really dead. But it might as well be. It sits next to my desk in a LowePro camera bag waiting for the next planned photo shoot that never seems to come along. It’s easy enough to carry around, and weighs no more than a couple of pounds. It’s the best camera I’ve owned. But it has one major flaw. It doesn’t have built-in Wi-Fi or 3G or even Bluetooth. That means it doesn’t have a … [Read more...]

Leaving Home to Find Home

I don’t remember the exact day Seattle became my home. But it doesn’t matter because I felt comfortable on my first visit. It was nearly midnight when I steered a clumsy U-Haul across the 520 bridge that connects Bellevue to Seattle on my way to the University district where I’d live in a studio apartment across from the University of Washington. Although I hadn’t visited many large American … [Read more...]

Speak to Me

Most parents I know want their children to fit in. At school, at parties, at church and with friends, fitting in is important. Standing out from the crowd is OK too as long as it’s for the right reasons. One can see this in school when one student is clearly better at soccer than her classmates. Or at the talent show where a young boy plays Mozart instead of lip-syncing to the Jonas Brothers. … [Read more...]

The Many Hats

I have a difficult time keeping track of all the hats I’ve inherited. For example, I wake up as a father, but must smoothly switch over to my manager hat at work. And then revert back to father and husband when I arrive home. At times, I wish I could focus on one role, perfect it, before being asked to fill another. But there’s no time for that because I’m a teacher each Sunday while trying to … [Read more...]

Veering Off Into Unchartered Territory

When Kim pulled the van into the driveway, I could tell by her expression that something was wrong. She was returning from taking our boxer to the vet. But her words didn’t sink in. Until I took my oldest daughter for a drive later this evening. I waited until we’d passed through our neighborhood before saying anything. She’s old enough to know when something is wrong. “Elka is sick”, I tell … [Read more...]

Learning by Breaking

I learned about computers by breaking them. Not intentionally. But by experimenting. Which lead to breaking them. I bought my first computer in 1993 from a mail order business called Zeos. It didn’t come with a soundcard. So I bought one and tried to install it. I did the same with a CD ROM. Neither installation went well. Luckily I have an uncle who is a computer whiz. Have you ever … [Read more...]