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So many awkward moments leading up to that first kiss make those early teen years unforgettable. Every tiny detail came back to life as I watched the movie, “Flipped” tonight. There’s a scene in the movie where the girl chasing the boy sits behind him in class and inches closer so she can smell his hair which she says has the scent of fresh watermelon. Who can’t relate with this? One moment … [Read more...]

Raindrops Keep Falling

The routine is the same each winter morning. I make sure my compact umbrella is inside my briefcase. I slip my black leather gloves over my cold fingers, but not before I pull on my jacket. Once zipped the gloves go on. I used to wear a wool Northface hat. But Kim made me one that’s much softer and better looking. That’s my last line of defense against the chilly Seattle mornings. Just the … [Read more...]

A Windows User Installs Ubuntu Linux

An older model laptop showed up at our home this summer; the HP Pavilion DV6000 to be exact. Kim has mentioned how convenient it would be to have a laptop she could keep upstairs while working in the kitchen or to take the beach during the summer. Or maybe it was her subtle way of asking for an iPad. I’ll never know. Although this HP was a few years old, I figured it should fill in nicely as a … [Read more...]

Mind Games

Has it really been 30 years? The day was supposed to be a memorable one. One I’d been looking forward to for many weeks. My birthday happened to fall on the same day as “bring your child to work” day. I woke up earlier than normal and left with my father, whom I’d shadow for the next six hours at his job as a high school teacher and coach. I was still shy around girls, but I loved the attention … [Read more...]

What Does Your Company Win On?

This past week I attended an event on the Microsoft campus organized by the Social Media Club of Seattle. Although I’m interested in social media I primarily attend to network and rub shoulders with a group of smart and interesting people. This week’s event was no exception. I learned something from each speaker, but I’m going to focus on a talk given by Sean O’Driscoll. Sean spent 15 years at … [Read more...]

The Time Was 10 pm

The time was 10 pm. By this time, teeth should be brushed, drinks of water administered and any last minute stalling by the kids should come with a reminder that Christmas is just around the corner. Yet here I sit at the table with a semi-cold plate of chicken nuggets wondering if they were the dinosaur shaped ones I sampled at Costco. But I didn’t have to time make a determination because my … [Read more...]

127 Hours

It’s difficult to describe the sound. I’ve tried. It’s more than a loud snap. But I know it when I hear it. There’s no mistaking the sound a bone makes when broken. And this was the most cringe-worthy scene that came from watching the movie, 127 Hours. This is the film staring James Franco as the hiker from Utah who cut off a section of his arm to escape from a boulder that trapped him deep in … [Read more...]

Wooden Car Carrier

After goofing around with my kids at the Children’s Bookshop in Kent, we decided to buy this wooden car carrier for Kai’s birthday. It’s made by Melissa & Doug which makes me imagine a brother and sister team building sacksful of wooden toys from their parent’s garage. But Kim tells me they make quality toys which is another way of saying they are more expensive than they appear. So far … [Read more...]