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What I Saw

The last thing I wanted to do was find the bin of Rollerblades buried deep in the garage. If I found it, I’d be on the hook to fasten their hand, elbow and knee pads. That’s six uncooperative strips of Velcro times three wiggly bodies. Just thinking about it wore me out. I didn’t hide the bin well enough because I hadn’t been pretending to look for it for more than a few minutes when Anna Lynn … [Read more...]

Calling Apple Technical Support

My son handed me his iPod Touch, and I could tell by his expression that something was wrong. He couldn’t get it to turn on and neither could I. I figured the battery was dead so I plugged it into my computer and waited. But no luck. It still refused to turn on 30 minutes later. Although I’ve owned a number of Apple products, I’ve never called their technical support. I avoid calling support … [Read more...]

Mid-Term Grade

My 7th grade English teacher called my name. My heart was pounding as I made my way to the front of the class to speak with him. He slid a yellow paper across the desk toward me. It included my mid-term grade, and I had to return it the next day with my parents signature. I heard him repeat the part about the signature, but all I could focus on was the letter grade written in black marker to the … [Read more...]

Searching For My First Real Job

This time of year I spend a good part of my day interviewing young men and women for full time technical positions within my group. Many have recently finished college, and this is their first real job with benefits. This is one of my favorite parts of the job. I try to remember how I felt as a newly minted college graduate walking around Salt Lake City searching for someone who would recognize … [Read more...]

Life Saving Device

When I purchase a product like the AeroBed, I know it’s going to include an unintentionally funny warning tag. Such tags read like a Who’s Who from the Darwin Awards, full of delightful clues into how owners used the product incorrectly leading to a visit to the emergency room or death. Last night the kids begged me to retrieve the AeroBed from the garage and set it up in the living room where … [Read more...]

Committing to Less

“Yes” is a dangerous word. It sounds polite and helpful on the surface, and in many instances it is. But it can also lead one down the road to over-commitment and exhaustion. It’s difficult to say “no” once you’re expected to say “yes” to every request, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time. Over the past few years and especially since we started a family, life has become more … [Read more...]

Dancing In The Snow-Covered Streets

Huge snowflakes fell from the sky tonight. The much hyped storm hit us later than expected, but it hit with force and blanketed everything in its path. So I wasn’t surprised to see our kids enjoying themselves in the snow as I pulled up to our home just before 9 pm. Maybe the kids should have been in bed, but I’m glad they weren’t because snow is a rarity in Seattle and watching them toss … [Read more...]

Seattle Weather Warnings

“We’d better stock up on Diet Coke before the storm hits”. Those were Kim’s words to me tonight as she headed out the door to Fred Meyer. One hasn’t been able to turn on the radio or local news without hearing warnings of an approaching snow storm. Seattle and snow don’t mix. Many blame the lack of snow removal equipment. Some say the rain creates icy conditions no matter the preparation. I’ve … [Read more...]