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Moving Away From The Mainstream

Tonight I asked Kim what I thought was a harmless question that went something like, “If you didn’t care about what the other members of the book club thought, what book would you recommend we all read?” Two seconds into her reply and numerous follow-up questions later, I realized my intention for asking the question had been garbled by its delivery. Two hours later I’m left to ponder a number of … [Read more...]

What’s Next?

When are you happiest? This is a question I’ve been giving some thought to over the past couple of months. As I’ve been getting a business off the ground, I’ve bounced ideas around on what exactly I want to do for the next 25 years. When I graduated from college I took a position with a retail company because it gave me an opportunity to relocate to Seattle. I’d like to say that most job … [Read more...]

Whom Do You Trust?

When I began this blog, I wrote mostly about technology. It didn’t take long to learn that I had little to say, and what I did say, wasn’t interesting. Then Engadget and Gizmodo burst onto the scene and killed the category. Yet, as much as I enjoy keeping up on the latest gadgets, large sites like these have little influence in what I purchase. I’m far more likely to make a purchase after Dave … [Read more...]

With A Little Luck

By the time I was able to purchase my own music, cassette tapes were pushing records off the shelves of music stores. Remember Musicland and all those corny posters? My parents kept a collection of records in the closet, and I’d thumb through them regularly. Fleetwood Mac, Chicago, Frankie Valli, the Four Seasons, and the Beatles. They were all there including a few obscure bands I’d never heard … [Read more...]


It was well into the afternoon. The kids were home from school, and I sat on the couch exhausted from working till 4 in the morning. I had a project to finish, and I do my best work after midnight. I love to sit at my computer with only the glow of the monitor knowing everyone else, including the dog, is asleep upstairs. With my headphones draped over my ears, I can crank Pink Floyd and get … [Read more...]

Beware The Roach Motel

It’s easy to see why millions of people have turned to Facebook and Twitter as their preferred repository of content. More people are storing pictures on Facebook than any other service including Flickr. That’s millions of photos, links, status updates, even blog posts each day hosted for free by a service which is heading towards a billion users. Everyone is doing it so it must be OK, right? … [Read more...]


I caught up with a friend I’ve not seen or heard from in twenty years. We met at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah in 1987 and struck up a friendship almost immediately. He taught me that a tie should drop just below the beltline if tied properly. He also accused me of calling ticky-tack fouls in basketball which I deny to this day. I think he was jealous I received more mail. We … [Read more...]

8 Minus 5

I pulled up a chair and began thinking of all the tasks I didn’t complete today. I didn’t make an appointment to have our car repaired. I didn’t take the lawnmower in for service.   I didn’t fold the laundry. I didn’t fix dinner so Kim could relax on her birthday. I thought about calling my mother. I considered fixing the fan on the kid’s computer. And I was this close to getting on … [Read more...]