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People Are Strange

One of the few facts I knew about my father as a young boy was his adoration of The Doors music. Wikipedia didn’t exist back then, and I was too young to know Jim Morrison was a controversial figure who was the first rock artist to be arrested while performing onstage, among other dicey antics. As newlyweds, my father even convinced my mother accompany him to a concert when the Doors toured … [Read more...]

Air Jordans

In 1992, I was a student at the University of Utah. I happened to run through Nordstrom on my way to catching a bus to campus when I saw these shoes. I stopped, held the shoe in my hand for a minute before flipping it over to see the $125 price tag attached to the sole. Ouch. My part-time job delivering vacuum cleaners and chemicals to LDS churches around the area paid for my books and not … [Read more...]

The Finish Line

As my children go through life I keep my fingers crossed they are learning lessons that will anchor them as adults. Such lessons range from, if the burner is red, don’t touch it, to asking permission before borrowing any item that belongs to someone else. Kids learn many of these lessons at home. But, as I learned this week, lessons aren’t always predictable and sometimes they teach more than … [Read more...]

Simple Backup

It happened again today. A friend called me asking for help in reviving his PC that will no longer boot. He believes he caught a virus. I plugged it in, and sure enough, it won’t boot. “Do you have your important files backed up?” I ask. Queue the awkward pause. I got my answer.   Unfortunately, I’ve seen his scenario play out half a dozen times over the past year. A family shares an … [Read more...]

Another Father

I was asked to speak in church on Father’s Day. I’ve written much about my father so I decided to share how another father has influence my life. In the summer of 2005 I accepted a job in Seattle while our family was living in St. George, Utah. The job started immediately which meant Kim and our three young children would remain in our home for over a month while I got settled into my new job … [Read more...]

Time Well Spent

A couple of weeks of rain had my kids asking to see my iPhone to check the weather app for the first sun filled day of the month. Saturday rolled around, and I carefully selected an activity that included one part fun (water) and one part work (clean the van). I filled a bucket full of sudsy soap and water, and it wasn’t long before Anna was sporting a bubble beard. You’d think four kids would … [Read more...]

The $300 Bed

I began watching the first season of TNT’s series, Men of a Certain Age tonight. The show follows the lives of three men well into their 40’s. The character played by Ray Romano runs a party store and is in the midst of a divorce. Romano walks around in a daze much of the time. In one scene, he leaves his old home after dropping his son off only to return a few seconds later asking his … [Read more...]