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My Search For Rewarding Work

The switch happened shortly after graduating from college. Until then, jobs I held were centered on completing tasks. I cleaned pools, entered data into computers, and delivered janitorial supplies around the Salt Lake valley.  But at some point, if you’re good at getting things done, someone in management notices and you’re promoted to a position where you’re no longer directly involved in … [Read more...]

Real Friends

I met a friend for dinner last week. He’s not someone I knew from childhood or went to school with. I don’t know much about his family, and I don’t believe I’ve met his parents. We don’t chat on the phone or computer nor is he active on Facebook or Twitter. Other than meeting up three or four times a year for dinner, we don’t see or talk much. If the Cowboys are making a late charge I’ll send … [Read more...]


“How can you not be romantic about baseball?” – Billy Beane Moneyball was the best movie I saw this year. I read the Michael Lewis book a few years ago and liked it, but didn’t think much of it. When I heard Brad Pitt was playing the role of A’s general manager, Billy Beane, I shrugged it off and didn’t plan to see the film. But Ebert gave it a good review and I decided to see it. So glad I … [Read more...]

Listen Up

When I finished college, I felt like it was my responsibility as a degree carrying punk to share my opinions on everything from politics to why the Clash are better than U2. I watched Jeopardy and read Time magazine. Man, I was informed! I don’t know what changed. At some point I began speaking less and listening more. Not balanced by any means, but an improvement. It’s something I still … [Read more...]

Doing Business In Person

With all the reports of Black Friday and Cyber Monday settings online sales records it’s easy to forgot what it’s like to do business in person. Last week I had the chance to assist someone in selecting a new computer. She already had a good idea of what she wanted. I made a couple of suggestions that saved her a few bucks. Working for a company that’s entirely customer focused is something I … [Read more...]

Indirect TV

I’ve avoided upgrading to an HDTV for a number of reasons. For one, I’d have to give up my wonderful DirecTivo receiver for someone else's craptastic DVR. Once you’ve used Tivo’s elegant interface, the though of using another receiver made by Dish, DirecTV or Comcast is almost too much to stomach. It would be equivalent to using Apple’s OS X operating system for eight years until you’re told the … [Read more...]

I Want My MTV

I’m about halfway through the book, “I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution”. It’s been a slow read because I often have to stop and catch my breath from laughter. I love reading about all the wheeling and dealing that took place between MTV and record executives. Like how MTV convinced the record companies to pay for the videos which gave the nascent network free … [Read more...]