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Half My Life

Give or take a few years, about half my life is over. Of course, I have no guarantee I’ll live to be 90 years of age. None of us do. But I suspect most of us can picture ourselves living into our 80’s or 90’s. I tend to see myself living at least as long as my grandparents did.  That’s the best case scenario anyway. Certainly genes have a say in it as does my level of exercise and diet. … [Read more...]

Still Relying on RSS

Taking to my blog to write about RSS reminds me a little of those who vent about privacy on Facebook. My intention isn’t to defend RSS because it doesn’t need me to defend it. Instead I’d like to point out how I use it and why it’s still valuable to me in a world of Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. OK, I threw that last one in there for laughs. It’s true that these services do bubble up some … [Read more...]

“Your Insurance Didn’t Cover It”

“Four hundred and thirty dollars.” “How much was that again?” “Four hundred and thirty dollars. Your insurance didn’t cover it.” Although it’s easy for me to point out mistakes I’ve made as a father, I’ve always been able to provide for my family. I’ve kept a roof over our heads and food on the table along with the basic necessities of life. With each child we’ve brought into our family we’ve … [Read more...]