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Downcast for Podcasts

When I heard Apple plans to remove the podcasting functionally from iOS 6, I decided to see what other apps might feel the void. What I didn’t understand at the time was that Apple wasn’t far from releasing a standalone app called, well, Podcasts. It’s not a terrible app and it’s free. If you occasionally listen to podcasts it won’t get in the way. But it’s not great, and if you listen to a lot … [Read more...]

“Priming the Pump”

“No comment” Those were the words of Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, when asked about the reaction of his PC partners when told of the Surface tablet. Of course, this isn’t Microsoft’s first attempt at building their own hardware device running Microsoft software. They did it with the ill-fated Zune media player and with the successful Xbox console. But what happened this evening at Milk … [Read more...]

Extend the Day

A couple months of language training in Provo, Utah gave me me false sense of hope that I could speak German. But when I finally arrived in Siegen, Germany to serve as a missionary I had no idea what I was hearing. It certainly didn’t sound like the German I studied back in the states. I was difficult to appreciate my new home when I couldn’t understand the people around me. Our days were packed … [Read more...]

Too Many Stations

I don’t know how many stations DirecTV pipes into my home. A hundred and fifty? Two fifty? No idea. I just know that whenever I get a new receiver, I spend several hours setting up which stations are visible from the onscreen guide. Few make the cut. I could probably get by with ten stations. In fact, most days I could get by with three of them: ESPN, HBO, and AMC. Other than live sports, I … [Read more...]

Mount Rainier

When I’m in my car, I tend to listen to NPR or podcast or music. Anything to take my mind off traffic and make the trip feel shorter. When I drive, I want to get to my destination as soon as possible. I seldom pay attention to my surroundings. I’m on auto-pilot much of the time.  On my bike ride this morning I heard frogs. Very loud frogs hiding in the brush just off the side of the … [Read more...]

The Joy of Baseball

“The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love.” --Bryant Gumbel My son nudged me while I sat at my computer. I looked up to see him wearing the black baseball pants and socks I bought him last weekend. He also wore the hat his grandfather gave him;  the bill worked in just so. Baseball brings back so many good memories. Like the time I smacked the ball over the outfielders head in … [Read more...]

A Sister’s Reaction

Nine months ago I escorted my daughter to a meeting at the middle school. In a few weeks she’d be starting 5th grade.  But on this night she’d be introduced to a number of instruments and be invited to join either the middle school band or orchestra. The violin caught her attention. Then the viola. Then another instrument or two until she eventually decided on the cello. Fast forward to … [Read more...]