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Counting Down

As the days counted down towards the birth of our first child, more doubts danced their way into my mind. I had no point of reference. My preparation consisted of checking off a list of “must haves” from Babys-R-Us down to the color of the Baby Bjorn. I had just started feeling like a competent husband, but the title of father felt overwhelming. That was 11 years ago and I still feel … [Read more...]

Tax on the Brain

“The PC is over. It will linger, but increasingly as a relic.” Those are words from from MG Siegler, a noted fan of Apple products, writer and investor. When I come across anyone predicting the demise of the PC I immediately take interest because I make my living helping people select custom computers. Many of these people make their living using professional software tools such as Adobe … [Read more...]

The Pastor

When the kids are wound up sometimes we’ll load them up in the Odyssey, give them a Nintendo DS or iPod Touch and tell them to keep quiet. Of course, they are never quiet, but they are strapped into their seats and unable to inflict too much damage on each other. That’s what we did tonight, and have done on a number of occasions. If we’re lucky the kids will fall asleep giving Kim and I a chance … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5 and the Porsche 911

Every few years Porsche rolls out a new 911, arguably the most iconic sports car ever created. Yet, like clockwork, the new 911 looks a lot like the previous version. In fact, unless you’re a Porsche aficionado, you may not  recognize the differences even if you knew what to look for. The first 911 was released in 1963 by Dr. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, and its teardrop shape looks … [Read more...]

“How’s Work Going?”

Kim made chocolate chip banana bread this evening, and I decided to share a loaf with my neighbor who has spent countless hours helping to keep my bike in working order. He’s in his mid 60’s, retired and lives alone. He’s opinionated and direct in everything he does. In fact, he intimidates me a bit, but he’s become a good friend, and I sense he enjoys sharing his knowledge of cycling with me. I … [Read more...]

The Making of Louis Vuitton Shoes

Watching this craftsman shoemaker at work reminds me of another documentary I enjoyed about a world’s most famous sushi chef. There’s a reverence in the approach these people take to their work.  A quiet confidence. If you’re the best at your craft you don’t need to shout from the rooftops. … [Read more...]