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Butter Mints

The only time of the year mom bought butter mints was for Thanksgiving. She poured them into a crystal bowl that appeared far more fancy than needed, but no one can blame her since it was be the only day of the year the bowl would be used. When mom placed the bowl full of mints on the table we knew the turkey was almost ready. No matter how early my father arose to start preparing the turkey, we … [Read more...]

Car Breeding Gone Wrong

If a Honda Accord Wagon mated with an AMC Pacer you’d end up with the Honda CrossTour. Pictures alone can’t describe this Frankencar, but it’s the ugliest car I’ve seen since the Pontiac Aztec. I came across one in person last night and had to stop, catch my breath and take it all in because it’s far worse in person. If you paid the nearly $30,000 asking price for this car, run, don’t walk to … [Read more...]

Can Microsoft create killer hardware and software?

What if Microsoft pulled a page out their early playbook and created software for the most popular platforms, be it desktop, tablets or mobile? What if Microsoft  was less concerned about owning the entire mobile ecosystem and instead was a player on all platforms? I can’t imagine owning an Android tablet or phone. But because Google brings apps to iOS, they have my businesses. I wouldn’t … [Read more...]

The Election

Last Tuesday, I sat on the couch next to my son who is 9-years old. He’s returned home each day from over the past couple of weeks with questions about President Obama and Mitt Romney. I discussed the election process with him as best I could, but returned home a few days to catch him looking up electoral maps from past elections. He was excited to show me the map from the 1980 election between … [Read more...]

Billy Joel Interview

Once in a while you come across something so good and so fascinating that it grabs hold of you and won’t let go.  That’s what happened when I tuned in to listen to Alec Baldwin interview Billy Joel, and I’m not a big fan of either. When I was in high school I convinced my best friend to take my girlfriend to the Billy Joel concert at the Salt Palace because I had no desire to listen to … [Read more...]

The Meghalayas Living Bridge

Imagine working on a project you will not finish in a lifetime. Stunning and beautiful. … [Read more...]

Muzzle That Phone

Next time you’re speaking with a friend or coworker or spouse or whomever for more than a few minutes try doing this with your phone: This is my favorite feature of iOS 6. In short, it puts a muzzle on my phone. Smartphones do a wonderful job of saving emails, text messages, and voicemails. You don’t need to answer every message as it comes in. Unless you’re someone’s lifeline on Who Wants To … [Read more...]