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Too Much Of A Good Thing

On Christmas morning I checked my family’s Facebook page expecting to see pictures of decorated trees or excited cousins opening gifts. Or maybe a picture of my mom and dad who hosted a Christmas day party at their home. But that’s not what I found. The only picture that had been posted on Christmas morning was a picture of my sister holding a large assault rifle in her home. I thought the … [Read more...]

It’s Not Just a Car

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An Outlet

I was in 7th grade when began I writing down my thoughts in an old red binder. I eventually upgraded to larger and more sturdy binders that held my thoughts comprised primarily on sports and girls. I’m nearing 2000 posts on this blog, and what many people may not realize is that I many posts I’ve written have been for the same reason I scribbled down my thoughts in those binders: to provide an … [Read more...]

The Replacement Ref

I often feel as though I’m more referee than father.  Today I threw an unnecessary roughness penalty on my 5-year old for, well, roughing up his older brother.  This morning I whistled a delay of game penalty on my daughter after she was unable to find a suitable shirt to wear after staring at the laundry basket for 15 minutes. That’s when I step in and select a shirt for her which … [Read more...]

Ryan Adams–Ashes and Fire

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Changing of the Guard

In just two years, mobile went from about 5% of all Black Friday purchases to 24% according to a report from IBM. And of that traffic the iPad dominated with 10% of all shopping traffic and a whopping 88% of all mobile traffic. Think about that for a minute. A device that didn’t exist 3 years ago is now responsible for 10% of shopping traffic. A few of my friends say the PC will be around … [Read more...]

Supercuts Tip Reminder

I took two kids to Supercuts today. I sat on the empty couch and opened up Reeder on my iPhone to get caught up on my favorite blogs while the stylists went to work.  The music playing over the store’s speakers was that mind-numbing pseudo-pop you hear in grocery stores with the lyrics removed. I barely noticed it until I heard a woman’s voice following at the end of a song: “Please … [Read more...]

Bus Duty

The rain is coming down so fast and furious that the windshield wipers can’t keep up. The heater hasn’t had time to warm the car or clear the windows. It’s almost 7 am which means the bus will arrive anytime. And as much as I want to get back to my warm bed, I have a job to do, and that’s to keep an eye open for the bus. As I sit in the drivers seat staring straight ahead waiting for … [Read more...]