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What Do We Want People To Feel?

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Favorite Scenes: Contact (1997)

I love how the music and radio chatter fade away to silence as the galaxies fly past. Lovely. … [Read more...]

My Two Experiences with Steve Ballmer

Much has been written about Steve Ballmer’s decision to retire from Microsoft. No doubt there’s a lot more analysis to come, but I don’t plan to add to that narrative today. But having spent about 11 years of my career at Microsoft as a contractor, full-time employee and vendor, I decided to share a couple of impressions and experiences I had of Ballmer while I was employed in Redmond. While … [Read more...]

The Disease of More

I once knew a man who decided he wanted a dog. So he spent months researching various breeds until he finally decided on one. He then found a breeder and paid $400 cash for the dog. Over the next few weeks he bought food, treats, dishes, collars, leashes, toys, grooming tools and lotions to keep the critters away from the new family member. Of course, he didn’t want his dog reproducing with the … [Read more...]

Jackson Browne Songwriting

“ Elbow grease. Time. Thought. Persistence." From the documentary, History of the Eagles. … [Read more...]

What Third Place in Smartphones Looks Like

Forbes recently provides some details pertaining to how the big three, Apple, Google and Microsoft, are doing in the fast growing smartphone business. Two metrics stood out: Total number of phones sold and total dollar amount paid to developers.   Why these two? Because it’s very difficult for a late-to-the-party product like Windows Phone to make a dent in the market when they are … [Read more...]


Free at MSG on 12/31/2010. … [Read more...]

Dealing with Doubt

Few topics give me pause to write about more than religion. I don’t find it difficult to write about my own thoughts and experiences regarding my beliefs, but I’ve found that people close to me either misinterpret my writing or I offend someone.  In fact, I’m beginning to wonder if I possess the skill to pull it off, but here it goes anyway. A few weeks ago I read the New York Times … [Read more...]