My Work

The question comes in many forms.  What do you do? What is your job? What line of work are you in? What do you do for work? It’s a simple question, and one I get more since I began working from home at my own company. I suspect the answer one gives to that questions is often sugar-coated or watered down depending on the person asking the question. Does your answer change if you’re … [Read more...]

Bed Frame

Amazon delivered two boxes. After a week spent packing and moving into a new home I wanted nothing to do them because inside were bed frames for Luca and Anna. I didn’t possess the mental capacity to assemble anything with dozens of small parts. But the girls were excited. So I pushed one box toward their room and began putting pieces together. After a few minutes, Luca joined me. She … [Read more...]

Simplifying Choice

If you won my business because you had the lowest price, I might return but only until someone beats your price. But I feel no sense of loyalty. If you won my business by providing an overwhelming number of options or configurations I might return until someone else can reduce the choices down to what I really need. But I will feel no sense of loyalty. The only way to guarantee I will … [Read more...]

My Windows Experience

I bought my first PC in 1994. It ran both DOS and Windows 3.1. Over the next few months, I’d install more RAM, a modem and a CD-ROM. Although I justified my purchase by telling myself I’d no longer have to rely on the computers at the library at the University of Utah, my computer wasn’t used for much outside of a playing Links Golf and Doom. Until Windows 95. The … [Read more...]

What Is a Career?

My definition of a career has changed about every 10 years. I thought a career was something I’d stumble upon after graduating from college. It was college where I read and studied a bunch of subjects.  Some of them were related, but most were hit (Art) or miss (Linguistics) but would come in handy when I played Jeopardy from home. Before college my definition of a career was determined … [Read more...]

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

I’ve wanted to compare Google Maps to Apple Maps for a while but never got around to it. But a couple of weeks ago I made four trips between St. George and Las Vegas. The trip covers about 130 miles each way or two hours of drive time which would provide me the chance to test both apps in and around a small and larger city. On my first trip to Vegas I ran both Google Maps and Apple Maps … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day Talk

This is a talk I gave on Mother’s Day last year. On this mother’s day, I thought about what I could share with you that would provide meaning and proper respect for the day. As mother’s day approached, I began to think of the many lessons and skills I’ve learned from women and mother’s in my life, and that’s what I’ve decided to share with you today. Gandhi said, “My imperfections and failures … [Read more...]

The Computer in Your Hands

[Read more...]