My Windows Experience

I bought my first PC in 1994. It ran both DOS and Windows 3.1. Over the next few months, I’d install more RAM, a modem and a CD-ROM. Although I justified my purchase by telling myself I’d no longer have to rely on the computers at the library at the University of Utah, my computer wasn’t used for much outside of a playing Links Golf and Doom. Until Windows 95. The … [Read more...]

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

I’ve wanted to compare Google Maps to Apple Maps for a while but never got around to it. But a couple of weeks ago I made four trips between St. George and Las Vegas. The trip covers about 130 miles each way or two hours of drive time which would provide me the chance to test both apps in and around a small and larger city. On my first trip to Vegas I ran both Google Maps and Apple Maps … [Read more...]

The Computer in Your Hands

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Resale Value

I pulled this data from the January 2014 edition of Consumer Reports. Although they review dozens of phones this month, they don’t account for why the iPhone is worth two to three times as much as the popular Galaxy phone after two years. Probably just an anomaly. … [Read more...]

A Tale of Two Ads

Steve Wildstrom for Techpinions comparing the different approaches Apple and Microsoft took with their latest ads: I have worked with both companies for many years and can assure you that while they are very different from each other, both are fiercely competitive, touchy, and as huggable as  hedgehogs. But there can be big difference between what you are and the persona you choose to … [Read more...]

Making of the Mac Pro

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My Thoughts on the Apple TV

A few months ago my father-in-law let me borrow his first generation Roku. I hooked it up to the smaller TV in the basement our kids normally use to play video games. I was surprised to find them using it more than I had imagined, and decided to purchase one of the newer Roku models for our larger TV upstairs. While at Best Buy I checked out the Roku 3 they had on display and was impressed at … [Read more...]

Apple Support

While at a friend’s birthday party last Friday evening, Luca dropped her iPod Touch and the screen cracked. She was almost as devastated as her father. I went to the Apple website and was quickly able to determine what support options were available. Since the nearest Apple store is two hours away in Las Vegas, I decided to send the broken iPod Touch to Apple. The whole process took less than … [Read more...]