8 Miles

“Watch out for the turtles and rabbits”, I tell my son who is pedaling his bike a few yard behind me. The sun has set but that’s no consolation. I still think I’m in Seattle where mid-afternoon temperatures in the 80’s can easily dip into the 50’s by nightfall. But that’s not how it works in the desert where an afternoon hovering over 100 barely retreats to the mid 90’s by the time we fill our … [Read more...]

Back on my Bike

Each day I ride my bike I’m putting my body (and maybe my life) in the hands of strangers driving 2-ton vehicles. It’s an odd feeling to be in such a vulnerable position. When I began riding to work last year I was scared of traffic for the first couple of weeks. I stayed as far off the road as possible and seldom rode with traffic. As I got into better shape and felt more confident in my riding … [Read more...]

Two Blocks

I hadn't pedaled two blocks from home today when I began to wonder why I had decided to bike to work in such chilly weather. I've biked to work on a few colder days, but today I felt it through my whole body. I haven't pushed my body like this since I was in high school. Some days my body pushes back and I've learned it's best to listen when that happens. I'd rather bike when the sun is out … [Read more...]

They Don’t Speak As Loudly

I zipped around the curve and up the small hill before heading down the final stretch to home this evening. The sun had gone down and a cool breeze had moved in. Three months ago I would have been out of breath and thinking to myself, “Why am I doing this?” But tonight was different. Although my light didn’t shine too far down the road I didn’t really need it.  The dog walkers and kids … [Read more...]

Unforeseen Benefit of Biking

I’ve written a number of times on the health benefits of giving up my car for my bike. I’ve dropped a few pounds, sleep better, and feel more alert at work. I’m finally at the point where driving makes me feel lazy which is a great because it means I’ve developed a healthy habit. But one of the best benefits had slipped my mind till today. The last couple of weekends I’ve taken Lincoln with me … [Read more...]

600 Miles

After nine weeks of riding my bike to work I hit the 600 mile mark, and it feels great. Instead of finding excuses why I couldn’t ride to work (it’s raining, it’s too far, it’s too dangerous) I decided to find ways to work it into my job and family’s schedule. Overall it’s been a welcome lifestyle change. I started out just biking to work but that quickly changed into biking anywhere I need to … [Read more...]

Getting Passed

As I’ve written before, I’ve been riding my bike to and from work each day going on just over a month now. Some days I fly up the hill to my home and some days I barely make it home. Who am I kidding, I never fly up the hill. I still use the lowest gear possible and there are many days I feel like my heart is going to explode if I don’t pass out first. Last week I was making my way up the hill … [Read more...]

Extend the Day

A couple months of language training in Provo, Utah gave me me false sense of hope that I could speak German. But when I finally arrived in Siegen, Germany to serve as a missionary I had no idea what I was hearing. It certainly didn’t sound like the German I studied back in the states. I was difficult to appreciate my new home when I couldn’t understand the people around me. Our days were packed … [Read more...]