Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

I’ve wanted to compare Google Maps to Apple Maps for a while but never got around to it. But a couple of weeks ago I made four trips between St. George and Las Vegas. The trip covers about 130 miles each way or two hours of drive time which would provide me the chance to test both apps in and around a small and larger city. On my first trip to Vegas I ran both Google Maps and Apple Maps … [Read more...]

What Third Place in Smartphones Looks Like

Forbes recently provides some details pertaining to how the big three, Apple, Google and Microsoft, are doing in the fast growing smartphone business. Two metrics stood out: Total number of phones sold and total dollar amount paid to developers.   Why these two? Because it’s very difficult for a late-to-the-party product like Windows Phone to make a dent in the market when they are … [Read more...]

Holy Triumvirate of Earnings

The Big Three in tech released their quarterly earnings last week, and I don’t think any of them were beating their chests too hard, including Apple. I mean this isn’t Amazon territory where sales in the billions results in a few pennies of profit. Nothing Apple or Microsoft can do, other than earn a few billion in PROFIT each quarter, seems to impress Wall Street. Yet Google can do no … [Read more...]

Can Microsoft create killer hardware and software?

What if Microsoft pulled a page out their early playbook and created software for the most popular platforms, be it desktop, tablets or mobile? What if Microsoft  was less concerned about owning the entire mobile ecosystem and instead was a player on all platforms? I can’t imagine owning an Android tablet or phone. But because Google brings apps to iOS, they have my businesses. I wouldn’t … [Read more...]

Your Father’s Search Engine

Bing vs. Google. The comparisons are inevitable. As Google continues to speed away from Microsoft Live Search in terms of market share (and profits), Ballmer’s crew had to do something drastic.  And Bing is their Hail Mary. Which brings us how it stacks up against Google. Some say it’s better than Live Search. Some say it’s clean and fast. It certainly feels modern. But is it better … [Read more...]

Online Advertising

It’s impossible to pickup a business magazine or major newspaper without finding an article detailing how online advertising is going to change the technology landscape. Many of these same article have declared Google the hands-down winner in this mystical realm. The people who write these article must not use the internet like I do because I never click on online advertising. I visit MSNBC, … [Read more...]

Take It To The Web

I spent a couple of hours rebuilding my home PC yesterday which isn't all that different from what I've done over the years. Except that it only took a few hours instead of an entire day (or night on a few occasions).  In fact, installing Windows Vista Business only took about 30 minutes. That was the easy part. Once I had it installed, I ran Windows Update which found a lot of updates, 75 … [Read more...]

Why I Left Microsoft Outlook for GMail

I've used Microsoft Outlook for just over 10 years. It's been one of my favorite Microsoft products over the years. Before that I used a combination of Pegasus Mail and PINE. I liked Pegasus so much that I may not have switched to Outlook had I not gone to work for Microsoft in the mid 90's. It was elegant, speedy and very powerful. The early versions of Outlook didn't impress much much (wasn't it … [Read more...]