“You Didn’t Mess Up”

Sasha to her father after being sworn in as the 44th President of the United State of America. Awesome picture. Awesome family. … [Read more...]

The Election

Last Tuesday, I sat on the couch next to my son who is 9-years old. He’s returned home each day from over the past couple of weeks with questions about President Obama and Mitt Romney. I discussed the election process with him as best I could, but returned home a few days to catch him looking up electoral maps from past elections. He was excited to show me the map from the 1980 election between … [Read more...]

I’m A Mormon And I Don’t Watch Fox News

I’m less likely to discuss my beliefs about religion today than I was ten or twenty years ago. That sounds odd because, as I’ve written before, I served in Germany as a missionary for two years where I spent twelve hours a day attempting to convert Germans to my religion. Looking back on those two years, it’s clear that I gained a lot more than I gave to the German people. I learned to speak up … [Read more...]

President Barack Obama

What a fantastic evening it has been. I listened to the election results on NPR radio on my drive home from work. By the time I arrived home things looked very good for Obama, but I had no idea how good. Now we know how good. Americans have voted to take this great country in a new direction. I love this man’s passion and conviction. I remain optimistic that our country can come together to … [Read more...]

Halloween 2008 Pumpkin

Here’s my pumpkin this year. I took it to the Halloween party at our church and my membership is still in good standing as far as I know. I was hoping a McCain or Palin pumpkin would show up but no such luck. Technorati Tags: Obama,Halloween. Obama Pumpkin … [Read more...]

Obama Buttons

My three Obama buttons arrived by mail today. They couldn’t have come soon enough because a McCain figurine showed up on my desk at work this afternoon. I don’t know who the thoughtful conservative is but he/she is in dire need of an Obama button. My plan is to sneak them on to the jackets of my most conservative workers without being noticed. I already have all three people in mind. … [Read more...]

McCain Shows Poor Sportsmanship

Update: Stephen pointed me to this video that shows Obama and McCain shaking hands at the very end of the debate. Thanks for the link. Although I’ve publically supported Barack Obama, I’ve come to respect John McCain. I listened to all the speeches given at the Republican National Convention and was most impressed by McCain’s acceptance speech. I may not agree with him on all issues but there’s … [Read more...]

Obama in Germany

Dave Winer linked to this AP photograph taken of Obama speaking to a group of 200,000 Germans in Berlin this week. Seeing all those American flags causes me to pause in wonder. How do we go about rebuilding the damage we’ve done to our allies over the past eight years? I believe this is a step in the direction but it will take years to repair. It took a picture of the Democratic nominee speaking … [Read more...]