Muzzle That Phone

Next time you’re speaking with a friend or coworker or spouse or whomever for more than a few minutes try doing this with your phone: This is my favorite feature of iOS 6. In short, it puts a muzzle on my phone. Smartphones do a wonderful job of saving emails, text messages, and voicemails. You don’t need to answer every message as it comes in. Unless you’re someone’s lifeline on Who Wants To … [Read more...]

Syncing Sucks

The first device I recall trying to sync with my Windows PC was the Casio Cassiopeia, one of the first Windows CE devices to hit the market. Palm had already released the popular Pilot and Microsoft felt they had to get a piece of the action. I worked at Microsoft at the time and happened to be attending an event in New Orleans where the Cassiopeia was sold at a discounted price of $250. I … [Read more...]