Firefox flunking out

When Firefox burst onto the scene it was a breath of fresh air. It was the quick little browser that ran circles around Netscape and Internet Explorer. It was small, fast and stable. Over time, add-ons were written extending the its functionality. Some of these add-ons have become an integral part of my browsing such mouse gestures, tiny URL creator and IE Tab.

But something happened with Firefox version 2. Specifically, stability took a nosedive. I could go weeks without a problem when I ran the earlier versions of Firefox, but with version 2, daily hang-ups and crashes have become the norm. One bug I’ve found especially annoying is when I login to view my email using Outlook Web Access (OWA) and try to reply to an email, the browser hangs for a second and then closes down. It does this nearly every time I first launch OWA. Yet when I go back into my email, everything works fine.

I’m afraid Firefox has become the new Internet Explorer: Slow, buggy, and unstable. Yet I feel as locked into Firefox as I do to Windows as I can’t imagine not being able to run my favorite add-ons, but I’m getting close to installing Opera. I tried Opera about two years ago and it was super fast and included an open plug-in architecture like Firefox. But far too many sites wouldn’t render properly.

I might give IE 7 a try as well. Maybe I can slap a theme on it and make it look a little less homely.


  1. Asa Dotzler says:

    I’d suggest disabling all of your extensions and then selectively re-enabling them one at a time to see if one or more of them are the culprit. It may be that you can do without one or find a replacement or update that will fix much of your stability problem.

    – A

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