The Stepping Away Part

The easy part of stepping away from an organization I’ve been involved with my entire life is the stepping away part. The more challenging part is removing the remnants of dogma that have cluttered my mind for so many years. My brain is like a … [Continue reading]



I glanced at my son as he drew his pool stick across the table to line up a shot. His eyed darted back and forth. All he had to do was knock in the 8 ball to win the game. But the game didn’t matter. What mattered was the ten bucks I had … [Continue reading]

The Best Half Inning of Baseball

A year earlier I had moved from Utah to Seattle to enjoy the first full season of Major League Baseball. During the fifth and deciding game of the ALDS I found myself in a hotel room with my friend and his parents cheering on Griffey and the gang on … [Continue reading]

Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin

I came across a podcast a few months back where the hosts interviewed Nicole Hardy, author of Confessions of a Latter-Day Virgin. Hardy was asked to read the prologue to her book, which I found so compelling that I decided to listen to the full … [Continue reading]

Fifth In Line To The Throne

I’ve listened to few bands more than I have Camera Obscura over the past five years. I've had this track on repeat all afternoon. Love these lyrics: Now, I'm fifth in line to the throne How am I gonna tell my king That I don't trust his … [Continue reading]

Taking a Break

Last month I returned home from a business trip to Las Vegas and told Kim I was tired of allowing the church to infiltrate my life to the point of largely determining my happiness. For as long as I can remember I've had one foot in the church and … [Continue reading]

The Age of Ignorance

From the Age of Ignorance by Charles Simic: In the past, if someone knew nothing and talked nonsense, no one paid any attention to him. No more. Now such people are courted and flattered by conservative politicians and ideologues as “Real … [Continue reading]

Recently Learned

Over the past month I’ve discovered a few things about myself. I do my best work under pressure. The writing I’m most proud of uncovers pain. Joy begins with being honest with myself. Faking it hurts me more than anyone … [Continue reading]