The World’s 13th Best Donkey Kong Player

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Resale Value


I pulled this data from the January 2014 edition of Consumer Reports. Although they review dozens of phones this month, they don’t account for why the iPhone is worth two to three times as much as the popular Galaxy phone after two years. Probably … [Continue reading]

A Tale of Two Ads

Steve Wildstrom for Techpinions comparing the different approaches Apple and Microsoft took with their latest ads: I have worked with both companies for many years and can assure you that while they are very different from each other, both are … [Continue reading]

Nothing of Consequence

Everyone is dealing with something. Often it’s something noticeable like eating healthier or quitting a bad habit like smoking. A few years back I decided to exercise each day and eat a healthier diet. Over a few months I dropped nearly 60 lbs. The … [Continue reading]

The Best Days

I watched Beavis and Butthead with my sons.  I know, my kids are too young to be watching Beavis and Butthead, but I couldn’t resist watching the episode where the boys try to get a bag of sour cream and salsa pork rinds from the vending … [Continue reading]

Making of the Mac Pro

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Past Sagebrush

This is the email I sent my brother this morning. I miss Seattle a lot. I miss the big city and the the excitement. But I don't miss the traffic and the 2-3 hour a day commute. Living in Ivins has been a change. It's small and close-knit, tucked … [Continue reading]

To Invent Your Own Life’s Meaning Is Not Easy


From the creator of Calvin & Hobbes comes the best thing you’ll read today. Update: The cartoon was created by Gavin Aung Than using words from Bill Watterson. More details about this work here. … [Continue reading]