What’s it’s going to take for more CEOs to blog?

One of my favorite blogs is written by Jonathan Schwartz who is the CEO of Sun. He talks about Sun’s products, challenges, competitors, and a myriad of other topics. His writing style is down-to-earth and approachable. He describes his company’s products in a manner that anyone can understand, yet he’s not so “pie in the sky” detached that his words sound written by his PR firm. In short, he sounds like a guy I’d want to hang out with. It also makes me want to try his products which is certainly what he’s ultimately after.

What would happen if Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer were to start a blog? What if Steve Jobs at Apple did the same? How about John Chambers at Cisco? I’m surprised Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, doesn’t have one. What about Jeff Bezos? Imagine what we could learn from these people and how they could tell us about what problems they are solving with new products and services. Instead, most companies continue to push lame press releases on everyone knows are BS.

At least Balmer allows his employees to blog. Jobs doesn’t allow it.

I can see getting to the point where I won’t want to do business with companies who have a restrictive blog policy. I want to hear what their employees have to say about their company, their products, and challenges. Sun’s CEO understands the value of reaching potential clients through his blog that he might otherwise not reach. When will the others come to that realization? Maybe when Ozzie takes over for Balmer we can only hope.


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