The Rio Mulimedia 300

Mobile PC takes a trip down memory lane with a list of their Top 100 Gadgets of All-Time. I was surprised at the number I’ve owned over the years. I remember when I bought my Diamond Rio 300 mp3 player (#8 on the list) to work at Microsoft and nobody had a clue what it was or what it could do. I had pre-ordered the little Rio off their website and received one of the first batches of players that shipped. My manager stopped by my office to check out the Rio and we both marveled at how small it was. The amount of onboard memory was small as well at 32 MB. I’d carry the Rio with me on my travels around the US and it made an excellent companion even though I could fit only 8 or 9 songs on the player. Other gadgets on the list that bring back good memories are the Sony Walkman and Mattel Football 2.

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