Favorite Websites of 2005

A handful of my favorite website I discovered last year:

1. Digg – This is nirvana for tech news nerds. I probably spent more time on this site than any other this past year searching for interesting stories. Make sure to checkout the incoming live activity.

2. Craigslist – I know it’s been around but I never thought much of it till our family decided to move from Utah to Seattle and was looking for a place to live. Some of the wackiest posts around like this one found in the “Best of Craigslist” section.

3. The Superficial -Cancel your subscriptions to People and US Weekly. A very funny site about all the latest gossip.

4. retroCRUSH – This site takes me back to grade school.

5. TorrentSpy – I have no idea how this got here.

6. Falling Sand – My 4 year old daughter is hooked on this interesting site.

7. Technorati – My favorite site for tracking the most popular blogs as well as discovering new ones.

8. Zombo – “the only limit is yourself…..” Enough said!

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