Why does iTunes sound so terrible?

I’ve been asking this question since I installed iTunes when I bought an iPod video last year. iTunes does the job getting music and podcasts onto my iPod but it’s a very poor day to day mp3 player on the PC. I can overlook it’s size and general ugliness. But the one thing I can’t overlook is it’s terrible sound.

I’ve used Quintessential Player for several years now with the iZotope Ozone DSP plug-in and it just sounds incredible. Comparing it to iTunes is like comparing a good quality stereo system to a $15 AM radio. I’m not kidding, the difference is really that noticeable. If you ask your friends to compare them side by side, I’ll guarantee your friends will pick the Q-Player/iZotope combo 10 out of 10 times.

I wish I could find a DSP plug-in for iTunes that would put it in the game with Q-Player but I’ve not been able to find another other than a really lame one from Volume Logic. I’m surprised that given iTunes seemingly ubiquity, there isn’t more competition in this area.

Does anyone have suggestions for making iTunes sound better?


The ‘kicking a’ Q-Player