Microsoft should send my Grandma one of the free laptops

You’ve not doubt heard that Microsoft sent a number of high-end Acer laptops to various influential bloggers such as Mike Arrington of Techcrunch and Crunchnotes. These laptops were loaded with the new Windows Vista operating system. I supposed Microsoft had hopes these bloggers would test the new OS and then write about their experiences. Some people like Scoble thought it was a brilliant idea. A few like Dave Winer felt left out.

Since I wasn’t sent one of the sweet laptops I can speculate as to what I would do with one. I didn’t have to think long. I’d give it to my Grandma.

My Grandma has never used a computer. She taught school for many years but that was before computers had made their way into the classroom. If Vista is really supposed to be so advanced yet simple that anyone can use it, why not send her a laptop and see how she does with it? Everyone else in our family keeps connected via email, IM and our family website. Would Vista help her join the rest of us and make her feel like she’s in the loop more than she is now? Or would it hang, blue screen and just frustrate her?

Nothing against Arrington, but Microsoft doesn’t show much creativity by sending him a laptop loaded with Vista. I wonder how many of the laptops were sent to people who had already run Beta versions of Vista or who write pro-Microsoft blogs? Come on, Microsoft, think outside the lines and send a laptop to someone who has never used your products before. Then sit back and listen.