My Top 5 WordPress theme collections

I’ve searched, bookmarked and tested dozen of WordPress themes over the past few years. Although it’s easy to run a Google search for themes, I thought I’d post a few of my favorites collections.

  1. SmashingMagazine – A great place to start in search of a unique theme.
  2. Weblog Tools Collection – These are the themes you’ll see listed at the bottom of the admin menu within WordPress itself. I’ve linked to the archive. I like how they call out those themes that include sponsored links.
  3. WPThemesFree – You can view a large number of themes here and sort by a number of criteria. One of the few where you can sort by category such as those themes that are geared to photographers or business or fashion.
  4. Minimalist Themes – Are you tired of the fancy themes with splashy graphics and multiple frames? This set of themes might be for you.
  5. Silent Bits – This blogger has put together a list of his favorite themes. I like nearly all of them.
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