Vaja Case for Motorola Q Review

I’m a big fan of cases from Vaja. I purchased one for my iPod Video nearly two years ago and it’s held up very well while protecting my iPod. I recently purchased a Motorola Q and decided I needed a similar case to protect its handsome black exterior and screen.

I decided to see what cases were available for the Q and turned to Vaja first. You won’t find these cases at Target, Best Buy or the Verizon store. Vaja makes all their cases in Argentina from the best leather available. The downside is that all cases are custom built and can take several weeks to make and ship to you. The upside is you’ll have one of the very best cases available for your phone. If you’re looking for a cheap ten buck case, this isn’t going to be your cup of tea.

The Vaja website uses Flash for the case customization (see picture below). You are able to chose the leather type and colors as well as extras such as belt clips and personalization (name, initials, notes). I have no idea why anyone would want to add a note to the back of their case.


I decided on the basic black leather case for the Q called the classic. I selected the “Plain Aniline” leather option, black color scheme and passed on the belt clip and personalization. Total cost: $60. I then waited just over two weeks for the case to arrive via Fed Ex. It ships in a box that only Apple fans could appreciate. The box, instructions and enclosure are elegant.

I’ve been using the case now for about a week and I like it a lot. It fits the Q like a glove. In fact, it fits it almost too well because it’s very difficult to put on. This isn’t a big deal since I won’t be taking the case off very much if at all.

The Good:

  1. Top quality materials
  2. Tight fit, doesn’t slip
  3. Good screen protector
  4. Stitching is impeccable
  5. Looks fantastic

The Not So Good:

  1. Dust gets under screen cover
  2. Difficult to remove case
  3. Expensive

Conclusion:  A top quality case for those who are looking for stylish, well-designed case. A worth-while investment for those who tend to keep a phone for a couple of years. If you churn through new phones every six month it’s hard to justify the cost. But I highly recommend this case for the Q. From my experience with Vaja, you can’t go wrong with any of their products. They even has cases for the fancy new iPhone.

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