Firefox Frustrations

I’m a huge fan of Firefox and have been since it came out a few years ago. I’m very much hooked on the numerous add-ons that are available such as mouse gestures that I can’t browse without.

But lately, Firefox has been very unstable and I’m not sure why. One of the ad-ons I have installed called IE Tab opens up IE in a Firefox tab. This is helpful for visiting sites such as MSNBC or Outlook web access. But one problem I’ve had for a while is that Firefox will shut down when I try to reply to an email using Outlook web access. This might be a problem with IE Tab although it happens even when I disable it and use Firefox to view my email.

And lately, I’ve been getting a lot more error messages like the one below when I browse the web. What initially was an inconvenience is turning into a pain in the butt.


I can’t imagine going back to IE as my primary browser but I might unless the old Firefox stability returns.

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