10 minutes with an iPhone

I visited the Apple store in Bellevue this afternoon and Apple iphone-2might as well call it the iPhone store. There were two giant iPhone replicas in the display case as well as two large tables of full of iPhones to touch and demo.

Say what you will about Apple but they know how to display their merchandise. Go into a Best Buy or CompUSA and their cameras, computers, mp3 players and phones are usually tied down. If you’re lucky, they are attached to a metal tether that’s long enough to lift it 6 inches off the table. You have the sense the last thing they want you to do is actually test out their products.

But the Apple store is just the opposite. Everything in the store is situated  and displayed as if to say, “Pick me up and see what I can do!”. Which is exactly what I did with the iPhone. A few quick thoughts gleaned from the 10 minutes I spent with it:

  1. Oh that display! Simply gorgeous.
  2. Touch screen worked better than I expected.
  3. It’s smaller and thinner than I thought.
  4. Compared to my Motorola Q, the iPhone felt speedy
  5. It’s bright. Did I mention that gorgeous screen?

For obvious reasons I couldn’t test out the phone feature but as a video iPod it was fantastic. Apple is so much further ahead than Microsoft and its Windows Mobile it’s not even funny. Compared to the iPhone, Windows Mobile is years behind.

It’s probably a good thing the iPhone doesn’t support Exchange mail or I’d want to ditch Verizon and switch.

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