The Vista look and feel on XP

So you like the look of Vista but for whatever reason you’ve decided to stick with XP? Well, there are a few small programs that will give you some of the look and feel of Vista but still maintain that XP stability you’re after.

  1. Vista Cursors – Lifehacker has a link to the vcursors2
    files you’ll need. A  simple but classy update for XP. The Vista cursors are nice looking and now you can use them on XP.
  2. Vista Thumbnail Preview – This is one of the features I really liked in Vista and missed when I went back to XP. The How-To Geek has a link to the program and setup tutorial. Very simple to install and works quite well.
  3. Vista Start Menu for XP  – This is my favorite of the bunch and  the one feature I missed VistaStartthe most when ditching Vista. ViStart gives you the same start menu functionality found in Vista including the quick search function! I use the quick search all the time to launch programs. I like that it’s much more compact in size than regular XP start menu.

I’m running all three on my XP machine. I’ve also applied the Zune theme which looks great. Check out InterfaceLIFT if you’re looking for some cool wallpaper. You can also download a bunch of Vista wallpaper but it’s not all that impressive.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the links and excellent tutorials.