How to find and download TV shows

Chris Soghoian wrote an excellent article over at cNet about how much easier it has become to download your favorite TV shows without the shackles of DRM.

I’ve been looking forward to watching season 2 of the IT Crowd that’s shown on the BBC. The first season was posted to the BBC website but they blocked US visitors from viewing which is so very absurd. I suppose this had something to do with the fact that NBC has licensed the show and plans to bring it US audiences this fall like the did with the Office.

But what if I want to watch the original episodes that aired on the BBC? I can’t buy them on iTunes. I can’t buy from off the BBC website. I can’t even purchase the DVDs. About all I can do is watch the low quality Flash versions on You Tube.

In the past I’ve searched Pirate Bay or MiniNova for single episodes. It’s not the best solution but was the only solution until I came across Soghoian’s article today. See his article for more details but my new way of getting the IT Crowd is the following:

  1. Download Miro which is sweet video player that supports BitTorrent and RSS. This allows you to subscribe to your favorite TV program and have it automatically downloaded to your computer when it becomes available.
  2. Once you have Miro installed, all you need is the RSS feed to the program you want to watch/download. You’ll find a huge number of TV feeds at tvRSS including the IT Crowd.
  3. Once you have the RSS feed, open Miro, go to Channel and add a new channel by giving it the RSS feed you found.

Here’s a picture of Miro grabbing IT Crowd episodes. Speeds vary but I’m usually able to download an episode in about one or two hours. Miro also plays most formats. You may never launch Windows Media Player again.

I’ll buy the DVDs like I did with The Office when was playing on the BBC and they only way to get it was by Bit Torrent until the DVDs arrived. BTW, the US version of The Office is great. But the BBC version is pure genius. There’s only one David Brent.


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