How I keep my computer up-to-date

Every so often it’s not a bad practice to update your machine. Here’s my update to-do list in the order I prefer:

  1. Windows Update – To ensure you have the latest security fixes from Microsoft. Seems like there’s always a few. I’ve not had much luck updating device drivers here.
  2. Driver Agent – This is my preferred method for updating drivers. It’s not 100% correct but it covers most of the major devices.
  3. AppSnap – Up until this week, I’ve not come across an application that checks for application updates that’s either worked well or was accurate enough to recommend. But I’ve been impressed with this free program. I’ve tested it on two machines and it’s found a number of applications to update and has worked well doing so.

Here’s a picture of AppSnap running on my computer. It found three applications to update but wasn’t sure about Picasa. I let it update Picasa anyway it worked just fine.

screen_2007-10-14 21.39.49