Random act of kindness

Luca had a soccer game this morning and, as we rushed to gather our kids, chairs, blankets, shoes, cleats and various soccer gear we failed to bring an umbrella which is not the item to leave home this time of year in Seattle.

We made it to the soccer field just in for time for Luca to run across the field to join her team. Kim and I both sat along the sideline to watch the game while the wind picked up and the temperature plummeted. I held Lincoln in my lap wrapped in two blankets. Kim did the same with Anna.

Just as we were settling in the clouds moved in and the rain came down. And it continued to come down making our need for an umbrella that much more urgent. I thought about taking Kim and the kids back to the van get out of the rain, but I knew Luca wouldn’t be happy with that.

Maybe it’s because we looked so cold and wet, but as I was about to head back to the van, a lady came up from behind us with a large umbrella and held it over the four of us. We talked for a bit and found out she and her husband had moved from Utah to Seattle like we had. Her daughter played on the other team and we had a nice chat as we cheered on both teams.

But I was stuck by this lady’s random act of kindness towards us today. She held her own umbrella over us as we watched Luca score two goals. We would have missed Luca’s excitement and smile had we been in the van.

This world is filled with kind people like this woman and sometimes the small acts of kindness bring a large amount of gratitude and reflection.

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