Microsoft resets my homepage without asking

A friend told me to check out the new Live Maps Search from Microsoft. It feels much like a slower, messier version of Ask Maps which I like a lot better.

Well, in order to experience the aerial view of your Live Map Search you must install a plug-in (at least on Firefox). So I installed the plug-in and took a look at the map which was OK but not great. I don’t think Google will be very worried.

So after I close down the tab running Live Maps Search, I hit my home button which goes to the Live Search page!! I cannot believe Microsoft changed my homepage without asking. What a dumb thing to do on their part as I’ll never use their mapping site again.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft resets my homepage without asking

  1. I recently installed the latest version of the Live 3D maps plugin and it asked me if I wanted to reset my home page to I politely said no. I think you might have clicked the next button too quickly to get the product installed. This doesn’t give Microsoft or Google or any other company for that matter an excuse to try and reset our homepages. It seems like they try and slip it in under our noses. Also I hate it when I install a program and the program wants me to install the Google, Yahoo, or Live toolbars. I don’t want the dang toolbar! AH!! 😛


  2. I just installed the same plug-in. I wasn’t impressed at first. But then I noticed the detail of the 3D image dramatically improved if you left it alone for a little while.
    After I finished, I closed the window and launched another. To my dismay, my homepage had been changed. I was never asked.
    Microsoft needs to get over itself. Google earth is better. I am sick and tired of Microsoft’s attitude. It’s that sort of behavior that motivated me to change internet browsers.


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