Testing Opera 9.5

I’ve been using the Opera 9.5 browser full time for two days now and am very impressed. It’s not that I’m tired of Firefox, but it’s become less stable for me over time, and I figured I’d give Opera a shot.

One thing is for certain: Opera feels substantially FASTER than IE 7 or Firefox 2. I don’t know how they do it but it accesses the browser cache so quickly it might just blow your mind. It feels very stable so far and is very simple to use. It’s scaled down UI reminds me a bit of IE 7 but it’s better organized.

Two features I really like are the integrated Bit Torrent support and a thing they call “Speed Dial”. When I open a new tab, a page pops up that shows thumbnails of the nice sites I visit the most often. Adding or removing pages from this page is very simple. This is a really great feature!

At this point I can’t say for certain that I’ll stick with Opera full time but it’s looking like a strong possibility. The only feature I’ve missed so far is the ability to load IE within an Opera tab like I an do with Firefox using IE Tab addon. If I can track down such a thing on Opera I’d be golden. My company email is on Microsoft Exchange so I use Outlook Web Access from home. Otherwise, I’d just uninstall IE…oh wait…it’s part of the OS, right? 🙂

screen_2007-10-26 22.52.11

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