If you’re not using Twitter, you’re missing out

There, I said it. I use Twitter as an outlet for my thought that aren’t worth blogging. But the reason that keeps me coming back is hearing so many different viewpoints. Of the 316 people I’ve met fewer than 30. Yet that’s what makes Twitter so fun. Some are serious. Some are witty and others are so very random. Many I don’t agree with but some make me think. There are some very smart people on Twitter.

You never know what will come across your Twitter stream. Sometimes it’s a funny thought or a sad experience. When a thought is limited to 140 characters, there’s no fluff. People get right to the point. Few words are wasted.

When I tell my friends about Twitter I hear the same excuses I hear when discussing blogging: Not enough time, nothing to say. Lame.

And if you happen to run a company, you should be tracking what people say about you on Twitter the same you do with blogs. And if you’re really into pleasing your customers, do what John Ballinger does and answer tech support questions using Twitter.

Seriously, if you don’t Twitter, you’re missing out. And if you’re interested you can check out my feed here.

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