Twitter Link to the Rescue

For some unexplained reason, Twitter removed the hyperlink to names today. The hyperlinks were especially useful when deciding whether or not to add that person as a follower because they linked directly to that person’s profile. I figured it was a problem with Tweetr until I read Dave Winer’s post and realized it was service wide.

I assume a few things will happen very shortly:

  1. Twitter users will complain until they are forced to bring back back the feature.
  2. Standalone apps like Tweetr will work around the problem by adding the functionality to their apps

But until that time Twitter user, TDavid, has created a nifty Firefox extension that bring the hyperlinking back to Twitter. I’ve been using it tonight and it works great. You can download it here.

screen_2007-11-16 01.21.10

This might work so I don’t even care if Twitter adds it back. I figured someone would write an extension or a Greasemonkey script but had no idea it would happen tonight! Excellent job.

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