One problem with Mahalo: Dead Links

I was checking out the page at Mahalo for “Best Computer Speakers” and was interested in the Logitech models.

To see one of the problems Jason and his team are going to run up against, go to the Best Computer Speakers page and click on the link to Logitech Z-10. Or see the screen cap below.

Sure, this happens with Google, Yahoo and Live. But you don’t expect this to happen with a human powered search engine. The challenge to keep the pages current could prove to be as difficult as creating them in the first place.

I’ve noticed similar problems with Squidoo. There must be some type of link checking these companies can employ. Many people will give Google the benefit of the doubt. But it doesn’t feel right to encounter dead links at services that tout themselves above the general clutter of search.

It will be interesting to see how Mahalo handles dead or moved links. I can only imagine it’s a nightmare to keep up with, but it needs to be addressed as this isn’t the first time I’ve come access this.

screen_2007-11-18 21.53.05