Christmas Eve

I just spent the better part of two hours putting together a pirate ship. It’s not just your run of the mill pirate ship either. It’s a ship that stands about 3 1/3 feet off the ground with telescope, pirate flag, canons and sound effects. The most difficult part of assembly was putting the ship together in our basement under very little light. The screws were tiny and I kept dropping them all over the couch and floor. I’m getting old or something.

But I eventually got the flag hung and the cannon balls loaded for Lincoln to discover tomorrow. Kim keeps asking me if I’ve hidden the large box that it came in and I told her that we’ll tell the kids that Santa also does his Christmas shopping at Costco when the need arises.

Christmas is especially fun with kids. As Kim rocked baby Kai, I told Luca, Lincoln and Anna the Christmas story as tried to keep their little hands off the presents under the tree. We then let them each open a present that turned out to be a new sleeping bag. I’ve never seen them so excited to go to bed. I just checked on them and they are scattered around the floor in their new sleeping bags. They look like a litter of new puppies.

We don’t have family close by so our Christmas days are usually low key. We’ll open presents in a couple of hours and then cook a nice breakfast for the kids. Maybe we’ll see a movie or go to lunch together.

It’s been a fun last few days. I’m looking forward to spending time with the family this week.

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