My favorite products or services of 2007

I discovered some great software this year. Some of my choices have been around a while, but I didn’t use it till this year. Here’s a list of my favorites:

  1. Twitter – I’ll look back on 2007 as the Year of Twitter. It wasn’t till I  attended Gnomedex that it took hold, but I’m now addicted to this service that’s a mix of IM, email, chat, forums, and newsgroups. It’s hard to explain, but it’s the place I gather a lot of my news, hear about cool products and ask for trusted opinions. My favorite Twitter client is Twhirl although several friend swear by Snitter. Give them both a try.
  2. CallWave – Would you like to manage your voicemail on your PC? CallWave  makes it easy to do just that as well as a number of other things. It also includes a good audio to text converter that will email or text message me any missed messages. I cannot imagine managing my voicemail the old fashioned way.
  3. Slacker – Tired of the same old playlists? Download the Slacker client and  bring dozens of internet, ad-free radio to your desktop. I discovered more good, few music through Slacker than any other means. I keep it on at work all day on either the smooth jazz or classic rock station.
  4. LogMeIn – This is the remote access solution that doesn’t require bribing the IT dude in order to actually work properly. The best compliment I can  give this service is that it “just works”. And it’s free for the basics. I use this weekly to access my home machine from work and vice versa. Stop futzing around with Microsoft Remote Connection and try LogMeIn. 
  5. Ultramon – I added a second NEC 90GX2 to my home setup this year and it didn’t feel right until I discovered UltraMon. It makes working on dual  monitors a seamless experience. You gotta give this program a try if you’re using two or more monitors.
  6. Miro – Just an amazing product for watching your favorite    TV shows and whatever else you’re after. No need to go hunting down codecs since it plays most formats right from the get go.
  7. Windows Live Writer – I’ve already written a lot about this blogging editor so I won’t rehash it here. If you have a blog and are still using your  browser to update it, you should give this a try. It changed how often and posted and made the entire process a lot more enjoyable.