Strawberries and Cream

The strawberries are so delicious this time of year that we’ve been buying a large container full of them each week. Sometimes two. Tonight I started to wash and cut up a few when Lincoln pulled up a chair to watch me. The kids love them and their favorite way to eat them is to dip them in whipped cream. But this is the parents least favorite way to serve them because the table, floor and their faces end up looking like someone threw cream pies around the kitchen. I swear more whipped cream ends up in their hair and ears than in their mouths.

Lincoln watched me cut up a number of strawberries without saying a word. I washed, cut and placed them in my bowl. Once my bowl was full I’d pour cream over them and enjoy. He watched until he couldn’t possibly keep quiet anymore.

“Dad, those look really really good”

“Yep, I’ll bet they are"

“Your bowl is almost full”

“Yes, but not quite”


“Dad, will there be any strawberries left over?”


(big smile)

“When I’m the dad I’m gonna make them just like you”

I took a small blue bowl (his favorite color) and cut up a few for him. We sat at the table together eating our strawberries and cream. He explained to me that cream is “like milk but even better”. He slowly scooped out each strawberry until he was left with a bowl of cream which he lifted to his mouth and drank till it was gone. Only a small cream mustache remained as evidence of our afternoon snack.