Root “Bear” Floats

Kim put the kids in the bathtub tonight right after they ran through the sprinklers which I don’t understand but have been married long enough not to question. Once they have splashed most of the water onto the bathroom floor my job is to remove each kid from the tub and take care of two tasks:

  1. Clean Ears
  2. Apply Lotion

Just give me a Q-tip and stand back because I know how to clean the kids ears without popping an eardrum. Not yet at least. But I’m a rookie when it comes to #2. So tonight I pressed 4 pumps full of lotion on each kids stomach and legs and let them rub it around until their knees and hands had absorbed 99% of the lotion.

I’m still learning.


Once I can catch three bare naked kids and coax them into pajamas we go through this ritual of pulling out toothbrushes and seeing how much toothpaste we can squirt into the sink without a drop hitting the brush. I’m not sure how clean the kids teeth are but our sink is pearly white and at a low risk for gingivitis. The kids toothpaste (with princess on the label) smells more like candy to me anyway. I’d have better luck asking each kid to open their mouth like a baby bird while I shoot the gel directly onto their teeth.

But it’s all worth it. The tub full of Polly Pockets. The bathroom counter finger painted in lotion and the sink if full of pink princess gel with sparkles disguised as toothpaste. When our kids are older I’ll probably look back and miss these crazy times. We laugh a lot together and that helps make up for some of the challenging times.

As I tucked the kids into bed and closed the door to their room I noticed the following sign on Luca and Anna’s door. Luca must have written it sometime today. It made me smile.