Losing My Touch

As I walked into the kitchen to find Kim washing dishes, she gave me that look all dad’s immediately understand:


I rounded up the three oldest as best I could which means I dragged one attached to my leg while one hung off my back while I carried one upside down into Luca’s room where I turned off the lights and began telling a scary story. image

I never know where the story is headed but it always includes the following:

  1. Gigantic hairy spiders
  2. A dark and haunted chimney
  3. Growling noises coming from under the bed
  4. A child who has to go the bathroom

I ended the story like I do all scary stories which the gigantic spider getting lose and chasing the kids around the house. Then I tickle each of the kids till they can’t stand it anymore.

I was quite proud of my impromptu scary story until Lincoln said, “Dad, that story needed more spiders because it wasn’t very scary”.

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